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To cheer up appointments

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While I am sure it is a silly question, does anyone else find themselves trying to read things that amuse them when they are seriously nervous? Here are a few of my favorites, just thought I would share as they certainly help me out. Thought others may like to share as we all know, a good laugh can help. - definitely my favorite

Google Play/Android marketplace has an app that randomly picks screenshots from DYAC above and several other similar sites that offer a ton of laughs.

Please feel free to post anything similar
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Camielle said: - definitely my favorite
I have read that site - some funny stuff!
I read that at work when I have nothing else to do, and seriously almost wet myself sometimes. There are some really good ones on there.

I save all my funny emails in a folder in my gmail account, I look through those :) I will post a couple on here.
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