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My story, back in the beginning of the year I had a surgery (nothing to do with the thyriod, just to get a skin cyst removed from my back, gross yes.) a week after the surgery I started getting sensations of shortness of breath, I went to lung doctors, heart doctors, ENT, and have done every test under the sun... and i'm still i'm limbo, its been 8 months. They think it could be a nerve got damaged in my throat from the surgery from the breathing tube? but they still arent sure....I still have the shortness of breath, but over the months i have developed other symptoms as well... including:
My hair keeps falling out
extreme fatigue
anxeity attacks
I get wicked hot even in the AC and I cant deal with the hot weather it makes me feel sick
I get shakes when i first wake up in the morning
my heart is always beating super fast
I went recently to my PCP and she reluctantly tested my TSH levels mine was .76 with a range of .50-5.70... so technically mine is in "normal limits" (I hate this phrase, everyones body is different) But in the beginning of the year i got my TSH levels too and it was 1.38... so now its even lower! and I do feel worse! I even saw my endo and shes like "if its in normal limits your fine, its not the thyroid" But, from reading others stories thats not true.
Any suggestions, comments, advice, similar situations, blood tests I should try, or even and endo I should see (i am in boston, ma)... I will take ANYTHING. I am truly suffering. Thank you for your time.

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Either as for or self pay for Free T-4 and Free T-3 which are the best indication of thyroid function. A TSI antibody test would help rule out hyperthyroidism.

Your TSH does not seem alarming but your symptoms do seem to mimic thyroid disfunction.
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