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Hey guys,

I've known I've had issues with my thyroid since I was a young teen. All my results were "normal". On both sides of the family there are thyroid disorders,( Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos)

20+ years later I had a physician very recently tell me my T3 seems low (65.5) as well as my Revere T3 (7). Very confusing though, I was told by others suffering my thyroid issues that my Revere T3 shouldn't be of worry....when to worry is when it's HIGH. Is this odd?

My TSH level was 1.22 if anyone's wondering.

I didn't question my doctor about this and she put me on Liothyroxine 5mcg.

Also to add if this helps, I've had a battle with on going chronic Lyme Disease. I heard thyroid disorders and Lyme Disease go hand and hand. I have PCOS as well and insulin resistance (currently not treating). I would not be surprised if I have problems with my adrenal's as well. That was ruled out though with a saliva test. I know these tests alone you cannot rely heavily on sometimes you need to look outside the box. I'm a mess lol.
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