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Very bad condition, heart problems, gut problems…

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Dear friends,

I am fighting my auto immune condition for a longer period now and even my doctor is clueless at this stage.. it started roughly 3 years ago, when I developed insomnia, constant heart rate of 120+, itchiness, agitated mood etc. At that time I visited a doctor, but after a blood test he reassured me that I was just worrying too much and I’m perfectly symptoms worsened and I visited a 2nd doctor. He also said everything is fine don’t worry… 6 months after that i was hospitalized with ventricular tachycardia with serious arrhythmia and was in hospital for 1 week where I was checked. After ecgs, mris, bloodtests the doctors said that it’s weird, they can’t find anything… I was told to take metoprolol against my tachycardia and palpitations. After the hospital i went to a different doctor again and he diagnosed me with hashimoto (my sister also suffers from it, but has hardly any symptoms ). At that time (2022 summer) my Tsh was at 5.3 and antibodies around 300.. I’m taking thyroxine but i feel really bad as soon As i take the pills.. my hair falls out, my skin itches on the whole body, I have serious constipation, my legs hurt so much, my heart goes crazy again etc. a normal life is not possible at the moment . My Tsh is at 14 now and antibodies are so high, the lab cant even determine the number (over 1500). I tried everything: resveratrol, curcumin, selenium, vitamin d ( taking these on daily basis ), Zink, Magnesium etc. I have eaten healthy my whole life and currently don’t even eat anymore as I have no appetite. I lost 10kg of weight in 1 year now..

Maybe someone has experienced a similar suffering and could give me some Tipps…

thanks :)
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I had nothing but trouble with Hashimoto's from the start more than 25 years ago. I'm now 59.

One thing that helped heart related issues was a diuretic. Lasix or similar was really good at reducing water retention due to my (then) new-found inability to process salty foods. Doctors said I was having a panic attack at 2AM. However I would be sound asleep, having a wonderful dream, and my heart rate would hit the stratosphere and wake me up. I was not panicked about anything, and had no trouble falling back asleep. Sometimes I'd simply go for a short walk to settle my heart rate down, and then sleep until morning. Finally my cardiologist figured it out.

As I've mentioned on these forums before, I don't do well on T4 hormones, and am now on T3 only, which I take 5-6x per day. I can easily take the amount of thyroid hormone I need without taking too much or too little. I do it by "symptoms", if I am sweating too much, I can cut back a bit, and if I am unusually cold, I can take a touch more. Pretty easy for me to deal with. Considering all the trouble I've had.
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