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Warning : BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine changed my TSH

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I had my 2nd Covid shot a week ago.
BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine.
The following day I started not feeling well.
Four days after that shot I had bloodwork drawn for thyroid levels.
My TSH went from below range <0.10 - (range) 0.40 ~ 4.50 , to 6.01 .
My T4 & T3 were lower than usual too.
I don't know if absorption was affected or the communication between thyroid & pituitary.
I do know I will not be taking any more vaccines.
I am slowly starting to feel better.
I almost forgot how it feels to be hypothyroid.
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I think more thyroid hormone is needed when we are sick and/or fighting something off. I was told when getting a mammogram that lymph nodes can still be reacting up to six weeks later (because sometimes it shows up on the mammogram). Did you have to permanently change your dose after the vaccine?

Ive had the first two Pfizer shots and also the booster with just the standard reactions of fatigue, sore arm etc. I also had the two Shingrix shots, those were quite yukky. Sorry you got hives Lovlkn. :( They told me not to get anything at least two weeks after the Shingrix.
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